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Are you able to answer the question who are you?  I meet a number of people that find it difficult to answer this question. It’s seems like a very easy question but why is it that other people battle to answer it.  The initial instinct when answering this question is giving your name, describing yourself in terms of material things that you have or do – so the answer becomes about your job, how old you are, whether you are a mother, father or whether you are wife, husband and miss the critical point that this is about “YOU” as a person.   I remember when my answer would be name, my age and what my job was at that point.  I have had to work on myself, understand me as a person to be able to attempt to answer it.

If you are battling to answer confidently consider answering these questions and find a way to create a personal statement that tells the story of who you are:

  • Do you know your values? – What are the things that are most important to you? What are the things that are at the centre of your being, things that matter to you?
  • Do you know your personality? This is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form your individual distinctive character.
  • What things are you passionate about? You don’t necessarily have to have one passion, what things inspire you, motivate you, things that interest you and things that you enjoy? 
  • Do you know your strengths and skills? What are you good at? Your experiences?
  • Where do you come from, your beliefs, your cultures and what experiences have made you?

Your statement can change at different life stages in your life but at the core it describes you and what you believe you can offer the world at that point in time.

So who am I – My name is Mpume Ncube-Daka, a South-African, a corporate executive, change coach and mentor.  I am passionate about education, personal development and women leadership.  I believe that people should be fulfilled and have success in their lives and careers.  I am an authentic leader that gets excited to see people grow and embrace their potential.  I believe as a person you must challenge yourself to a next level.  I get excited to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience with others. I am an easy going individual who is very solutions driven and who speaks out for what she believes in.

Take the time to work out your personal statement and would love to hear from you – who you are..


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