How do you define success?

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I have always been fascinated by how success means different things to different people. I always get to understand who the person is by hearing their answer on what success is for them.  I was being interviewed this afternoon for a podcast and I was asked the question about whether career or life success is the same.  Success is defined as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.   The reality is that success is different for different people, each person has their own view of what success is for them.

The main question is what does it mean to achieve success in your life? There is no right or wrong answer to this question the trick is that you are true to yourself and your success is aligned to your values. For example for some people making money is their measure of success, for somebody else it could be getting a promotion, for somebody else it could be a CEO position, for somebody else it could be being an expert in your field, for somebody else it could be doing what they love and being able to spend time with your kids. As you can see it could be anything that you have set your mind to achieving. 

In life you would want to achieve whatever success is for you, but you can still feel unhappy and unfulfilled.  The question is whose dream are you trying to achieve or follow; you don’t want to define success using other people’s measures or beliefs. 

Being intentional about your success is critical because it is about achieving goals or objectives.  Those goals or objectives do not necessarily have to be big things, it can be small things as long as they matter to you and once done there is a sense of achievement. 

The right mindset is key to achieve your success.  You need to define it (success), you need to put a plan on how to achieve it, you need to know what it looks like for you, you need to identify what can stop you achieving your success, you need to identify any possible beliefs that can contribute to you not achieving or achieving your success, you need to know what kind of person you would be if you achieved your success….it’s all about you and the stories you tell yourself, beliefs, whether you think you deserve success or not and what plans you put into action.

The quote by Abraham Lincoln captures it for me “always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.”


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