How do you define fulfillment for yourself?

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The word fulfillment is very much part of my vocabulary for some reason.  It really matters to me that I feel fulfilled on a daily basis or ninety percent of my life.  Fulfillment is defined as the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted or a feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life.  The main question is what brings fulfillment into your life.  This feeling is different for everybody because it has to align with your values and your mindset.  Are you living according to your values and how is your mindset towards your own life and situations? This feeling is all about you, it should or can’t be compared to anybody else’s.

Your fulfillment is solely dependent on you nobody else.  The reality is that life happens and you are the only person who can remain hopeful, not let yourself down, change your attitude towards situations, stay positive, bounce forward, create your own happiness, and make decisions and choices about your situation, life or career.

There are a number of ways you can find fulfillment:

  • There are a number of ways you can find fulfillment:
  • Are you impacting other people’s lives? Most people get a good feeling when they contribute, impact, or help other human beings, no matter how small you think your help was.
  • When you are being grateful and appreciating life, you know that line that says count your blessings no matter how small they are
  • Doing things that you love – what are those things for you? This for me ranges from binge-watching series, spending time with my kids, hooking up with friends, sharing my knowledge, etc
  • Take time and focus on self-growth, self-improvement – challenging yourself to grow and being open to learning and new experiences
  • Take time for yourself, self-care is important, you cannot give from an empty cup
  • Self-forgiveness and healing – be kind to yourself – we can be very hard on ourselves.
  • Know that your happiness is your responsibility, not anybody else’s

I would love to hear how you define fulfillment for yourself? What does it look like for you?


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