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Courses & Seminars

Online Seminar

How to find a fulfulling career and look forward to Monday

Being stuck in a career or job that you hate is debilitating. You feel unfulfilled and it seems like you are not progressing in life but you feel scared and do not want to risk everything. This is not an overnight process but it is a journey. Congratulations on thinking about taking the first step. Sign up for the 5 – day online seminar to start the journey and walk away with an executable realistic plan. Once payment has been received you will receive content on email or on Whatsapp daily (within 24 hours). You will receive the content daily over the 5 days.

What are you going to learn and achieve?
• How to craft your career strategy?
• The process to clarify what you love, are passionate about, and what drives you at work so that your career brings fulfillment.
• You will discover how to have change conversation that works for you taking into account that the process maybe fearful.
• Being clear on your values
• Possible ideas that you can pursue
• Steps to take start exploring your change journey
• Steps to take whilst in your current job
• An executable realistic plan
• 60 mins one-on-one coaching session with Mpume

Who needs to attend this?
Anybody who is:
• Feeling stuck – have too many ideas or no idea at all
• Hating the jobs/careers they are in
• Wanting to change careers but not sure where to start
• Willing and ready to make the change in their careers
• Just been retrenched and not sure how to move forward


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Online Course

It all starts with you

There are times when you feel you hate your job, perhaps you keep moving from one job to another and you are just not feeling fulfilled. Maybe you just do not know what you want to do. It is critical to know who you are, your strengths and your shortcomings when it comes to your career choices.
The truth is that there are a few things you need to figure out:· why are you hating your job?
· what makes you tick as a person?
· what are your values, skills, and interests?
· what are your career limiting beliefs?

Conversations with Mpume Events

Having conversations that can change and impact your life is always needed. Conversations with Mpume Events are meant to be a platform for learnings, wisdom sharing, networking and fun. A platform for lessons and tips, a platform for hope and a platform to showcase that lives can be changed.
The events will be held every three months focusing on different topics that affect our daily lives. The guest speakers will be specialists and professionals on different topics. Having people that can impact your life, share experiences with you, give you a different perspective and contribute positively into your life is an amazing experience.